Ninja Brawl Hacked

Light Switch
Use arrow keys for the movement, tap spacebar to jump. Press key A/S to assault, key D to throw shuriken, key Q to cycle the weapons, key W to release the bomb, key E to absorb health potion Hack info: Press key 1 for toggling more health, key 2 for toggling more Exp hack, key 3 for toggling coin hack, and key 4 for toggling statpoints hack.

Game Details

Ninja Brawl Hacked

Ninja Brawl hacked unblocked is a fun-addicting Action game online opening a fierce fight. In the game, a wicked Samurai Master has released his own merciless enemies, and he’s aiming to take over the whole world. Only a skilled Ninja like you can put an end to his plan and save this world. The lives of people are in your hands! You must perform your skills and use your strategies to defeat the enemies, throw more shuriken to them, release your bombs, launch your attacks cleverly and be sure to protect yourself all the time. Good luck!

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