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Agario Solo is an amazing survival game in which players can join and play following their own way. If you explored before, then surely you would get addicted to this solo as well. The game features unique gameplay that can totally catch attention to players. Once joining, you will find it very fun-addicting and different from offering servers and multi-players all over the world.

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Gameplay of Agario Solo

After spawning in Agario Solo, you will become a tiny blob which is surrounded by numerous perilous blobs. Your game goal is to dodge all of the blobs that are way too bigger than you as you try to eat the smaller blobs to get evolution and increase your size. However, this is not easy at all! Imagine that you are targeted by tons of blobs around, what will you do? Obviously, escaping is the only way you can do. Therefore, the first action you need to fulfill is to make your way through those huge blobs while keeping your blobs survived. As you try to get past the enemies, be sure that you help your blob absorb any smaller blobs that you bump into. Eat any time you have a chance because you need to gain more size so that you won’t get eaten by the giant enemies.
Agario Solo requires players to perform their strategies and excellent skills. The tiny blobs are extremely hard to hunt for because the giant and mid-sized blobs are probably outnumbered. Thus, you have no choice but moving your blob gently and skillfully, perform the keen eyes and get through the big enemies smoothly. Always remember that the huge blobs never stop giving up on you. They will chase you all the time until you get eaten, resulting in a game over. They also roam around the space without ceasing, so if you don’t know which way you should go, you get lost for sure, causing the chance for you to get absorbed is extremely high. Therefore, stay watchful for everything surrounding! Hunt for the tiny blobs, eat them up and get bigger than ever! The more you eat, the higher score you will get!

Also note that Agario Solo doesn’t consist of any servers for players to choose. This is a solo game so you can play it by yourself. You will be alone in the whole space to battle against the other blobs presented by the computer. Choose your own private browser and click to start the game!

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