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Agario in Minecraft Game

If you have been playing Agario for a long time, you would have probably wanted to find something new, something more addictive, or something funnier regarding this game, right? Come and play Agario in Minecraft right now to satisfy your wish now! This time, you will be immersed in such a magnificent world filled with.Play Agario in Minecraft

Agario in Minecraft Testing

Agario in Minecraft is another version based on the original Agario. In order to play the Agario Minecraft game, you are supposed to join a server and then type splash join. Not sure about how many players that the server can hold, so that’s why this testing was conducted. Well, once completing those single first steps, now you are standing in a lobby of the game world, you will see the scoreboard on the right side, the details like size, speed will be shown at the bottom. Now, your main mission is to eat the targets that are smaller than you, the bigger you get, the slower you go! Try to eat, absorb, evolve and keep alive in the Minecraft world!Play Agario in Minecraft

Agario in Minecraft Splitting

Another interesting thing that can be found on the Minecraft Agario online is a clone! Well, once your character grows bigger, you are capable of splitting it and creating your own clone. This clone can be your companion to conquer the other opponents in the Minecraft world, he can stand and walk by your side, help you pick up blocks or kill enemies, which will also help you increase your points quickly.

Agario in Minecraft Viruses

Now, your character is entering the world filled with viruses, your target is still the same, trying to eat the smaller targets to earn high scores. You are going to throw mass at the viruses for 7 times, during from 1 to 6 times, that viruses will get bigger and bigger, but for the last time, it was splitted as a tiny virus in around 15 seconds then get vanished after that, and now you can hit and kill the main virus guy.Play Agario in Minecraft

Agario in Minecraft New floor + Enhancements

Well, after playing the Agario Minecraft over a long period, you will be brought to the place called “new floor”. The floor is might bigger, longer and probably dark grey. The change is that whenever you get spawn, the first check is the person under you, if there is no person, then it doesn’t spawn you there. And the server you are playing on might get further improvements.

Agario in Minecraft Resizable arena and Leveling

Resizable is one of the biggest latest changes in the Agario Minecraft, you can change the direction when standing near the border easily, the more players join, the more border will go. If you want to level up, well just try to eat as many small targets as possible. That’s a good way to help you increase your level.

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  1. Hailey says:

    i always wanted to play this kindof game i hope i get to play it

  2. goeorge says:

    de nu joc

  3. steve says:

    es el mejor juego de la vida

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